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Partmaster Mini Gp Partmaster Mini GP – There is something about driving super mini cars at extremely high speeds that is totally awesome. It is even cooler when you racing other mini sports ca [...]
Formula 1 Champion Formula 1 Champion – Every racer in the world wants to be a champion. After a long and hard road to the top, you are finally given that chance. Formula One racing is one of t [...]
Pimp My Enzo Pimp My Enzo is a car designing game where you are the new lucky owner of a fancy new sports car. You will have a lot of different body modifications to choose from in order to mak [...]
Primitive Rush Primitive Rush – Even the cave people of ancient earth had a shopping rush at the end of the year – Christmas time! Hop into your prehistoric cruiser and make your way [...]
Caravan Park It Caravan Park It – So you thought you were good when you mastered parking cars in some of the tightest spots in the world. Well now everyone has a caravan, and that is a whole [...]
Rush for Ice Cream Rush for Ice Cream – Car Games 365 has found one of the cutest racing games ever created and is bringing it to you for free. There is only one goal for you in this video game [...]
Gran Turismo Skills Gran Turismo Skills – The mega hit video game series featured on the Sony Playstation gaming consoles has sold millions of copies all over the globe. The series takes the nex [...]
Cars Rescue! Cars Rescue! – That crazy Lightening McQueen was out speeding around the desert and has gotten himself stuck in a ditch again. Mater to the rescue! Go head out into the hot d [...]
Top Gear Office Drive Top Gear Office Drive – Oh crap! You are running late for work and you will get fired if you are late one more time. Grab your office scooter and head up the office building [...]
The Kill Kar The Kill Kar – The only job you have in these races is to drive around the course and hit all of the designated targets. The great thing about this is that those targets just [...]
Street Runner Street Runner – In each level of this madcap driving game you will have a target destination that you must reach before your car is completely destroyed. To make this task ev [...]
Corsa Seek Corsa Seek – The object of this fun flash game is to find as many other Corsa cars as you can. You will see an arrow flashing above the car that you have to hit next. It will [...]
Pencil Racer Xl Pencil Racer XL – Most of the line racing games out there expect you to already be experts in these types and do not tell you how to play. Just like the rest of the great ser [...]
Pimp My Beetle Pimp My Beetle – One of the most recognizable cars ever created is the VW Bug. Everywhere you go, people know exactly what the Beetle looks like and the unique body design it [...]
Raccoon Racing Raccoon Racing – When cute as hell animals are ready to relax, they like to relax by driving fast. Raccoon Racing pits a bunch of adorable little animals against each other i [...]
Red Car 2 Red Car 2 – The only thing that matters in racing anymore is drifting. If you can’t drift, then keep your butt home. Red Car 2 is another great drifting game featured o [...]
OG Racer OG Racer – Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control the little vehicle on the screen. Drive around and collect all of the coins before time runs out. This task may soun [...]
Rock Collecting 2 Rock Collecting 2 – You may think the life of a scientist is nice and easy, but you could not be more wrong. One scientist has the task of driving out into the wild areas of [...]
Evasion Racer Evasion Racer – This game gives you six challenging levels, each of which requires you to perform a different task. All of the tasks involve a busy highway with lots of other [...]
Runaround Fred Runaround Fred – Wilma has been so bossy lately and Fred has no clue why. Did he do something wrong? Why is she mad? Then he realizes what today is – Mother’s Day [...]
Fireball 5 Fireball 5 – There are times in every man’s life when they must stand up and take control of a situation. That time has arrived for you, and it is a race that will deci [...]
Moto Rush Moto Rush – In the future, extreme sports takes on a whole new meaning. You do not just risk major injury, you now risk your entire life. Ride a motorcycle down the street, a [...]
Blue Adreno Blue Adreno – High speed action is great when you have four wheel and are encased in metal, but it is a real thrill when it is just you and two wheels against the world. Blue [...]
Alpine Escape Alpine Escape – The rush is on as you are attempting to make an escape from the enemy’s mountain base. You are not alone in this attempt as your blimp is following you [...]
Christmas Rush Christmas Rush – In this unique driving game, you are stuck in gridlock and terrible parking lots all over the place during your late holiday shopping. Move the other cars ou [...]
Brekky Races Brekky Races – The point of these odd races is to race around the breakfast table avoiding obstacles that are spread all over the table. While you are trying to do this diffi [...]
Romantic Day Out Romantic Day Out – It is a gorgeous weekend day and the sun is high in the sky. You decide to go for a bike ride with your boyfriend but have no idea what to wear or bring. D [...]
Smugglers Smugglers – You are a smuggler for a major arms dealer, but now the border police are onto you. There will be cargo deliveries by a plane that you will have to pick up. Take [...]


GTA GTA – In a normal society you are unable to go around run down people on the street and sidewalks of the city. Luck for you this game does not take place in a normal society. [...]
Heels 'N' Wheels Heels ‘N’ Wheels – You are the captain of the new Race for Life racing team and you need to put together the best possible team and win lots of money for breast c [...]
Hit The Road Hit the Road – The traffic is terrible these days as the city is growing so rapidly. The citizens need help crossing intersections around the city. Click on the pedestrians t [...]
Road Connect Road Connect – Oh my God! The world has become all kinds of queer and mixed up, and the roads are all scrambled! How are any drivers supposed to get around? This is where you [...]
Uphill Vegas Uphill Vegas – When in Vegas, there is more to take in than just a show and some casinos. These days there are performers willing to do death defying stunts just for your ent [...]
Drive By 2 Drive By 2 – You got the ride and a driver, now get locked and loaded. As you lean out your window, car creeping down the street, take aim and shoot everything you see. The m [...]
Lapman Lapman – Like a super hero, you have millions of kids that look up to you everyday. No, you cannot fly and do not fight crime. What you do, and you do it very well, is drive [...]
Dare Drive Dare Drive – Drive as fast as you can down a very busy city highway without crashing into any other cars. You must make it the target distance before you gather too much dama [...]
Park It Park It – “Park It.” That is a phrase you should get used to hearing over and over again. Times are tough and people are forced to take any kind of job they can f [...]
Krazy Kar Krazy Kar – You decided to go out for a drive in your buddy All the Scientist’s modified luxury car. Suddenly you are transported to a whole new world. You cannot go ba [...]
Driver's License Practice Driver’s License Practice – All kids dread the day they have to take their driving test. They can never get enough practice before they get behind the wheel. Car Games [...]
Maximal Skateboard Maximal Skateboard – Yay! The sun is shining and the weather is perfect for a ride down the street on your board. As you cruise down the street on your tight board, you will [...]
Beat The Meter Beat the Meter – You just started working at a full service gas station and you are about to be left alone for the first time. As cars pull up to the gas pumps, you have to w [...]
Vxr Racer VXR Racer – Ready… Set… GO! The flag has been dropped and the race is on. The engines roar to life as the cars speed around the track; lap after lap getting tense [...]
Championship Championship – This is a drive over the rough terrain while keeping your balance type game, but with a twist. In most of the video games of this type, you are just driving al [...]
Trafficator Control Trafficator Control – How many times have you been sitting at a red light just cursing at the powers that be in your city for not knowing how to control the traffic? More tha [...]
2009 Winter Race 2009 Winter Race – There is a chill in the air and snow on the ground. The roads are covered in slippery ice, which makes racing impossible for many racers. Then there are th [...]
F1 Shanghai F1 Shanghai – The first leg of the most important race of your life is about to begin. You are a formula one race car driver who has won almost every race that you have enter [...]
Desert Race Desert Race – Drive around the rough and dangerous wild desert in your ultra modified desert cruiser. These race tracks out here are not some smooth and paved tracks, but rou [...]
Lizzie McGuire Turbo Racer Lizzie McGuire Turbo Racer – It is not written down somewhere that girls are not meant to be hardcore race fans like boys, so why are all the online video games dealing with [...]
Cone Crazy Cone Crazy – While you are driving down the street and you see those orange cones all over the place, it is hard to fight back the urge to run them down and keep score. Thank [...]
Car Work Shop Car Work Shop – Most car games are exactly the same: race around really fast or ‘Pimp My’ whatever car it is. Not this time though. Car Work Shop makes you the at [...]

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